5 ways IT can make the world greener

Sustainability and technology go hand in hand. When thinking about how technology can bring sustainability benefits, most people think about electrical cars. Here’s a list of additional factors that should bring business developers to think about technology as part of their social responsibility approach.

Window to a sustainable city
IT can contribute a lot to sustainable businesses. Reduced energy usage, strengthening of democracy through security and big changes in transport are only some of the things we are moving ahead with.
  1. Resource optimization: getting more from less using automation. The most obvious aspect here is energy optimization. A building using control systems to optimize their energy consumption can save around 30% compared to conventional buildings!
  2. Reducing transport needs: many companies are using videoconferencing to avoid business travel. However, many office workers don’t really collaborate except for through technology. Why not work from home or a local co-working location 1-2 days a week to save the commute? That’s a lot of time saved, and a lot of cars removed from the roads. This is possible today with ubiquitous broadband connections – fiber and LTE!
  3. Self-driving car fleets with electrical cars! Researchers have indicated that if people stop owning cars and instead invest in autonomous carpools, the same convenience as car ownership can be achieved with a lot fewer cars (80% reduction has been mentioned). Make the majority of those cars electric as well – and smog is a thing of the past. Additional benefit: we can stop allocating so much space to parking and instead create people-friendly spaces in our cities.
  4. Encryption saves democracy. Use of technology brings with it its fair share of risks, such as hackers trying to meddle in democratic elections and stealing money from companies and people. Using technology to make such exploits infeasible strengthens democracy and builds trust in society. Don’t listen to politicians wanting to ban strong encryption – it strengthens trust in our communities. If you are interested in this topic hop over to my infosec blog at https://safecontrols.blog.
  5. Funding great things: using crowdsourcing of funds can help fund things that banks and investors normally don’t. That brings us new products and builds community at once!


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