Corporate Social ResponsibilitySustainability

How to make it (sustainable) is all about helping entrepreneurs and business developers create sustainable businesses that can thrive. Consumers today expect businesses to care. Not only to pretend that they care, but actually care. They want businesses to care about the environment and our climate. They want businesses to take action, not only to not harm our surroundings but to improve them. They want businesses to respect human rights, and to be conscious about their choices throughout the entire value chain. They want businesses to help democracy grow and thrive, to make sure we do not erode trust in society’s most important institutions.

To thrive as a business you need to care about the things that are important to your customers and partners. Corporate social responsibility is a requirement for long-term growth. Peter Drucker said that the purpose of a business is to “create a customer”. Milton Friedman said the purpose of the firm is to maximize the shareholder value. Today customers want more.

Your customer’s reality is the space where you can create value. Your value on offer is an improvement of that reality.

This Slideshare presentation shows you have you can plan the fabric of your business to meet and exceed those expectations!


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